Social Studies SBA Drug Abuse Questionnaire-Usage of Drugs

Social Studies Drug Abuse Questionnaire
Instructions: Please put a tick ◊√  in the box next to the answer of your choice or write in the space provided as the case may be.

◊Male            ◊Female

◊13-14             ◊15-16          ◊17-19

◊Christianity                ◊Islam
◊Rastafarian               ◊Other

  1. What type of family are you from?

◊Nuclear                      ◊Sibling house hold
◊Single parent             ◊Extended

  1. Do you use drugs

◊Yes           ◊No

  1. Do you know of least one teenager in your community that uses drugs?

◊Yes          ◊No

  1. If your answer is yes to question 2 (two), how often do you use drugs?

◊Every day              ◊Every 2-3 days            ◊Once a week
◊Every fortnight             ◊Once a month            ◊every 2 months

  1. Are drugs easily available to teenagers in your community?

◊Yes         ◊No

  1. What types of drugs are used by teenagers in your community?

◊Alcohol          ◊Marijuana           ◊Cocaine             ◊Heroine            ◊Others

If others please specify:

  1. If yes to question 2, who introduced you to drugs

◊Friends                  ◊Family

  1. If yes to question 2, why do you try drugs?
  2. Which of the following are reasons why teenagers in your community try drugs?

◊Peer pressure               ◊Depression            ◊Curiosity
◊In the influence of the media          ◊To cope with home problems
◊Lack of parental guidance              ◊To deal with school
◊Because of Rastafarian beliefs           ◊Others
If others please specify:

  1. Are punishments against the possession of drugs strictly enforced in your community?

◊Yes                   ◊No

  1. How have teenagers in your community been affected by drug abuse?

◊ Become physically ill       ◊Developed mental illnesses
◊ Becomes vagrants          ◊Turn to theft
◊Turn to prostitution           ◊ Behave violently

If others please specify:

  1. If you answer yes to question 2, approximately how much do you spend on drugs on a monthly basis?

$5 – $10             $21 – $30            $41 – $50             $61– $70            $81 – $90
$11 – $20        $31 – $40           $51 – $60             $71 – $80           $90 – $100
$100 and more

  1. What do you think can be done to solve the drug abuse problem among teenagers in your community?

Greater education of young people in the community

   The establishment of more youth groups and clubs

   ◊The establishment of recreational facilities

    ◊The passage of stricter laws against drugs

     ◊ Greater parental guidance

What else can you recommend to be done to solve the drug abuse problem at La Clery?

  1. What crimes teenagers committed after abusing drugs?———————————————————————————–