Full Agriculture SBA on Lettuce Production (Final Draft Sample) – Dominica Based

Comparing the Projected income with Actual income

In my projected income, my total was higher because in my projection I sold a total of $1,500 worth in lettuces and my actual income came to be $464 which was a loss. This occurred because in my projected income I bought and sold more seedlings than in my actual income.

Comparing the Projected Expenditure with Actual Expenditure

My actual expenditure was higher than my projected expenditure because my actual expenditure was $1406.74 and my projected expenditure was $1569.50, this was due to the fact that I bought my materials and equipments at a higher price than in my projected expenditure.

                             comparing Surplus with Shortfall

When I calculated the difference between projected expenditure with my projected income I made a profit, but in my surplus/shortfall I minus my actual expenditure with my actual income which came to a total of $942.74 where I made a short fall.

Projected income

We began with 450 lettuces.
Mortality rate 15%    450*15/100= 68
Large lettuce = 250*7.50= $1875.00
Small lettuce = 132*$3.00 = $396.00
Projected income is $2,271.00