Full Agriculture SBA on Poultry(Final Draft Sample) – Dominica Based

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First of all I would like to take this time of to thank the almighty father for giving me the health and strength in order to complete this agricultural SBA my teacher Mr. John for the encouragement and  I also want to thank my parents for providing financial assistants which made a great deal on completing my project. Thank you.


The agriculture SBA on poultry production was very challenging but I think that the information which I obtain from this experience can help me in the future.


I strongly recommend that:

  • More equipment should be available.
  • More time should be given to do the project.
  • The subject agriculture should be done at all schools.
  • The school should start a new poultry farm.
  • There should be a poultry farm closer to the school

General Comments

The overall of the SBA, to me, was average. Not so easy and yet to be difficult. The SBA helped me learn the importants of agriculture in my country and gave me in depth information in my practical that I can really appreciate as to my career in agriculture.

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