Full Agriculture SBA on Poultry(Final Draft Sample) – Dominica Based

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Name of Project

This School Based Assessment is taken from the Production of Poultry. When it comes to poultry, there are many breeds but in this project we are focusing on the broilers. Individuals will be given the opportunity to learn several important information such as; the way the pen is constructed, the medication and the vaccination given to the broilers.


Unlike other classifications of birds, the broilers took (6) six weeks to reach maturity stage.


The Poultry farm is very easy to find, you take a bus at the Capuchin bus stop situated near the market. Drive in a northerly direction till you arrive at tan-tan (your on the right track) keep going north pass savan pille, cottage, continue the same direction till you reach the village of Clifton. Keep going where you will meet the village of Capuchin. On arrival you will be in sight of a pathway which will lead you to the poultry farm.

Construction of Pen

The pen was already constructed and ready for use so there was no need for the construction of a new one.


Medication was given to the broilers in order to calm them down so that they will not be fear full.


Vaccination was given to the broilers to prevent the contraction of diseases. Because chickens are kept so close together, infectious diseases are spread rapidly throughout the broilers. This is highly recommended.


Debeaking is done in other to prevent cannibalism in fowls. They may fight or it could start as feather pecking and once blood is drawn the victim is often killed.


The chicks were fed every day through their maturity stages in order to get them to a strong and healthy livestock (Starter, grower and finisher). This is done in a container when hand fed or through a V-shaped metal trough which is convenient for holding the feed.



Fresh Water was available to the chicks throughout the day, given to the chick in metal containers in order to help them digest food better and promote healthy living.


Sanitation is important so that diseases would not be generated. The pen should be cleaned out regularly and disinfectants should be used liberally. In the case of broilers any time the litter is changed it should not be re-used but instead be discarded.


In slaughtering the fowl should first be shock by a sharp blow on the head and then the jugular vein should be severed by the means of a knife or cutlass through the throat. The fowl is then hung by the feet to be drained of blood, and then dipped in hot water where the feathers are removed. Followed degutting, the alimentary canal and crop are removed and the carcasses are washed to remove all blood. Lastly it is dipped in iced water, drained and packaged.

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