Full Agriculture Tomato Production SBA Sample


  1.  Projected income was $300 and the actual income was  $400 by $100
  2. Actual expenditure was less then the projected expenditure by $ 47.43
  3. Projected surplus was less  than the Actual surplus by $52.57

General Comments
Two major problems were encountered throughout this project, that of spoilage of the tomato fruits and theft of these fruits by individuals.
The project was a successful one due to the amount of fruits produced and the profit made.

  • The area should be fenced to prevent the entrance of thieves.
  • Fertilizer(NPK) application must be done frequently for the plants to grow
  •  seedlings need to be transplanted in favorable weather conditions
  • Insecticides(Diazinon) should be applied more frequently to protect the plants from insects and pests.


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