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This is a free SAMPLE download of the agriculture SBA , for those who wanted a sample of the notorious agriculture SBA on tomato production.
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Name of project: The Production of Tomatoes
Location: ST Clair Dacon Secondary School
Duration: 10-14weeks

Description of activities

Sketch layout of activities

Description: clearing of the land was done. Lines were set from one end to another. The construction of drains and bed were done, at a length of 38ft and and a width of 5ft. Fertilizer (NPK) was in corporated into the soil. The bed was watered and holes were dug about 1 inch deep and 38 cm between plants and 60cm between rows. Seedlings were transplanted from the seed trays to the holes which was covered with soil and watered.
Materials: Lines, seed, Fertilizer (NPK), Insecticides (Diazioan) and weed control (Gramoxone).
Equipment: cutlass, hoe, wheel borrow, hand scoop ,watering cans ,stick and hand fork.

Week one (1): Land Preparation of beds
Date: 15/01/09
Clearing, ploughing and construction of drains

Week two (2): Construction of drains and bed
Date: 20/01/09

Week three (3): Seedlings transplanted.
Date: 20/01/09
How: Removed plants from tray, dug holes, placed plants in the holes and applied pesticide (Diazioan)

Week four (4): watered seedlings
Date: 29/01/09 – 12/05/09 (Daily activity)

Week five (5) Application of Fertilizer to the planting seed
Date: 03/02/09
Week six (6): Daily observation
Date: 19/02/09

Week seven (7) Weed bed, Pruning and Staking
pruning: 25/02/09 and 11/03/09
Staking: 28/02/09and 10/03/09
Weeding: 28/02/09, 10/03/09 and 20/04/09
Week eight (8) Application of Fertilizer to the planting
Week nine (9)weeding and watering

Week ten (10)water
Week eleven (11) Harvesting and Marketing
Date:08 /04/09

Land Preparation
The location where land preparations were to be situated was very bushy. A cutlass was used to clear the high grass. The grass was taken away in a wheel burrow and was disposed of .The rake was used to get rid of roots left behind by plants. The soil was then softened with a fork; the soil was very turgid.  A hoe was used to form the bed and construct a drainage path for water during torrential rainfall to help prevent erosion.

Transplanted tomato seedlings.
The tomato seedlings were in a tray containing many plants, but before they could be planted in the bed, the bed was to be properly prepared meaning; it was soaked with water from watering cans and ploughed to specification. A hand scoop was used to dig five (5) holes for the seedlings to be placed in, measured one hand fork or scoop apart. One tomato seedling was placed in each hole with soil covering its roots. After transplanting the plants were sprayed with an insecticide called malathion which was mixed with water in watering cans to prevent pest and insects from destroying the young seedlings.


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