E.D.PM SBA Sample A letter with table

Benet Academy Secondary School
Lot 42 Cotton Field, Essequibo, Guyana
Telephone (602) 555-1212 E-Mail: benet@benet.com
Mr. James Brown
42 Maplewood Drive
Lisle, IL 60534
Dear Mr. Brown:
As requested, I am outlining below the report on Maria’s performance for terms 1, 2, and 3.
Term English Principles of Business Principles of Accounts Office Administration Social Studies Mathematics

1st term 65 86 97 93 94 98
2nd term 74 93 89 94 95 97
3rd term 88 97 90 98 87 100

Attendance: 98%
I hope the above information meets your needs, please contact us for any additional information.
Benet Academy Secondary School
June Helderle,

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