Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Linkages


A linkage industry is an industry which is associated or connected to other industries in such a way that the existence of one is dependent on the other, or it enhances the other’s production process.  Producing jewellery the business will have to depend on the mining industry, while the local industry depend on the mining to provide jobs.

More linkages Linkages

Adamant’s foods plus will be engaged in the backward linkage:

Farmers  <====   factories          <=====         Adamant’s foods plus

It provides increased employment and an improved standard of living

Adamant’s foods plus depend on the factories which depends on the primary sector of production to supply to them so they can supply to us.

Heres a link to a Sample of a POB SBA containing the mentioned above.
 Download Here!


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  • My daughter is doing pob sba she’s suppose to come up with a business she would like it to be daycare or hairdressing salon,I don’t know the first place to begin and it seem she didn’t do much in class so she doesn’t either, can you help please?

    • Hi tiana, we dont have anyone that can dedicate time to you on help but the information has been updated and a link to a sample is also now in the content area which should help you very much. thank you.

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