Gym: Pob Sba Sample – Selection of Appropriate Labour

Selection of appropriate Labour

Brie’s gym center is a skilled and professional business. The business will have four (4) employees:
The general manager (which is also the entrepreneur); will be developing and marketing fresh ideas to improve the production of goods and services, and accessing sufficient funds to operate the business. Also finding sponsors to help promote specials for the clients/customers.
A secretary to make appointments for the clients and to deal with payments that those clients will be making.
Two fitness trainers to advise clients on proper diet plans, to develop personal training plans and to give vital advice and encouragements.
This Labour is necessary because the entrepreneur don’t want lose the vital customers, a disgruntled customer means that the customer service and the gyms operation mode is ineffective. If the business gives off good results then more customers will be devoted and will be encouraged to stick with the gym, as a result, more customers signifies more profit for the business which will enable the business to developed and gain more clients.


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