What is an organization?

For us to understand this concept, we know that human beings have always had the need to find success in any of its activities. Many times we can not achieve this goal because of our own limitations. That is why they resort to the collaboration or assistance from others, thus forming an organization. This may be formed by two or more people communicate and ensure necessarily together to achieve its purpose. The science of how to manage an organization called Business Administration.

An organization makes it possible for many people to work as a unit to ensure each fully complies with its role within this structure, the organization must be well designed, establishing order and rules that all participants should be familiar with . It is also necessary that these rules and company resources (human, technical, material and financial) are designed to achieve the goals proposed. These purposes or goals must necessarily exist in an entity or the concept of organization has no reason to be, either to generate goods or not. In the case of a company, the end is, in fact, produce goods or services.

The combination of all these elements using an organization as a means to achieve their objectives, organizational structure is called. His existence is necessary for the organization to be more productive and cost. In this arrangement are set and correlation of activities, hierarchy and functions required to achieve the objectives.

Another element is the systematic organization, which provides for coordination of activities and resources of the company, the idea is to facilitate the work and efficiency. The grouping and allocation of activities and responsibilities is a third element that promotes specialization hierarchy, due to the need to establish authority and responsibilities in the company. In order to do the job as effectively, the organization provides the easiest methods. So there is a fourth element called simplifying functions.

The organization is divided into administrative units called departments, each has different roles and responsibilities. They are led by an authority called manager, which is responsible for specific activities within the company. These units must necessarily interact with each other to achieve the efficiency is sought.

Some advantages of a good organization are: to achieve an environment in which staff work together rather than against, to facilitate the achievement of the purposes of the company, providing effective and efficient communication, reduce duplication of effort to a minimum; to inform employees routes nets or control; provide methods for activities with a minimum of effort, increase productivity and reduce costs by avoiding slow or inefficient in activities.


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