What are the products and services?

A product is object that can be bought or sold, and responds to a must own a consumer group. Moreover, the services are related to a human group that lends itself to satisfy a consumer need, without the need for the existence of an object or physicist involved.

The products mainly have two attributes, their characteristics (traits of well-crafted) and benefits (the needs that satisfy the consumer).As for the features that includes either the size, color, functionality, good structural content. On the contrary, unlike the features, product benefits are not tangible. This is closely related to emotional or financial gratification that the consumer may receive by buying them.

Product benefits are one of the most momentous that takes into account a company before producing a good. For this it is necessary to conduct market where customers talk and accurately convey their needs and thus to adapt the product demanded by consumers. Following this, and after having developed good is crucial to know the product and promote it indicating the advantages of over other similar and perhaps economic benefits involving purchase.

All products serve a life cycle after being released to the market that meets stages. The introduction phase is characterized by very low sales, as the product is not widely known and therefore must spend a lot of money on everything related to advertising the property, this implies a large waste of money by the companies. After the growth phase, sales can increase significantly if the product is successful. Many times it happens that starts strong competition between companies who offers the best product. The mature phase, post-growth, demand stagnates, as you all have acquired good.For this reason companies often lower product costs. Finally, in the decline stage, the product price goes down, because practically no demand who offer it. The sole aim of the company is focused on exhausting the stock of products, so good is recalled.

Services, as stated earlier, are goods that unlike tangible products are not. These are found in almost all economic activities, many companies and industries they provide to society. Usually people forget that the vast majority of human activities make use of a service, such as hairdressing, a visit to the doctor, go to a cafe, the equation, among many more. Therefore, they are intended to contribute to the general well end.

There are industries or companies that are dedicated exclusively to the provision of local, such as sewage, food service, or an advertising agency. But there are others who are dedicated to provide services both local and international markets, companies engineering company, a travel agency, etc..

However, the services encompass much more than a company or industry that promotes. Any citizen who is in the workplace makes a community service, ie their work contributes to the general welfare, lawyers, teachers, a merchant, a nurse, anyway. Otherwise, civic life would be a mess and an egocentric central axis. But this is impossible, because man is a social being by nature, therefore, by its innate characteristics tend to cluster with other well to complement and help each other to meet the needs.

Most developed countries typically offer more sophisticated products with more added value in them, and to provide more services, especially in the highly specialized field of technology, while the economies and developing countries are characterized by relying more on the exploitation of raw materials, the big step is when an economy is able to pass on the export of raw materials to finished products with added value, but rather broad topic interesting.


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