What are remittances?

Remittances are the most used in the world, to transfer money from one place to another, from one person to another. And they are an easy, convenient and simple way to send money to a particular person is alive whether abroad or in another region of our country.

Remittances are made by companies authorized by the regulatory bodies of the countries, to conduct monetary transactions.And is that remittances are exactly that, as it receives a certain amount, and the company must transfer that sum, to another city within the same country or the world.

And it’s not physically companies to transfer those sums, but act like real banks, at least at this point.Since the solvency have to allocate their own resources, the money needs to be sent to another city.

When sending money from a licensed branch, it is known that this amount will come to another branch of the same company, in the city where you want to send the money. Many of these companies operate locally. So, are companies that only operate within a given country. But there are also those who ship worldwide. And, generally, these are the most known and used by the public.

There are three common ways to remittances. The first is the manual. In other words, the person is personally to one of the branches of the company in question and deposited the money. Which will make the transfer relevant to get the money to the destination city.

The second is through the Internet or electronic money transfers. One visit the websites of these companies and shipments can be made through credit cards. It is as if one were to transfer money to a personal account or to pay an outstanding bill. The system is the same. In fact, today, in many countries it is the most used system in terms of remittances.

Finally, we have the case of transferring money by phone. These companies have a unique number, to which one to call. One will be attended by a tape recorder or an executive and wonder, what is the amount you want to send, apart from the city and the person who will receive. The amount indicated will be charged to your phone bill.

The gain of the companies engaged in remittances, passes through the commissions they charge, at the time of the transfers.

Among the most renowned companies in sending money, we can point to Western Union, DHL and Fed Ex (because the latter two are not only involved sending packets). Which are known worldwide for their seriousness and responsibility. Also, there are various companies that engage in money transfers in each country. Many of these are courier companies, which also provide the service mentioned. These are generally the most serious of its kind, as they have managed to develop a reputation in the shipping package. Which has served as a platform to develop new businesses such as remittances. By the same token, are companies that do not play with their reputation. All the above companies are the most ideal for sending money, either in person or through their websites.All these pages have secure connections and various other security measures. It is therefore, that the prestige of the same, is relevant. Since them, you know you do not risk being scammed or a hard time. It is never appropriate to provide confidential information such as the number of credit card in places not entirely reliable.


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