The consequences of migration on Children/Adolescents/Families

what are some of the physical problem children whose parents migrated experience?

The consequences of migration

In our country, the phenomenon of migration in recent years has been the subject of analysis and concern, both by state establishments as various sectors of society, the fact is that you are starting to see very clearly the effects abandonment, both in / as boys / girls, adolescents, families and the social fabric.
Here are some proven effects for research: Psychological effects: 
* Depression, sudden crying, anxiety, stress, crying spells: because there is no communication with their families rather than phone calls where not all information is given. emotional Damage the / as boys / girls and adolescents 
* The / as children / as express their attitudes and emotional damage being rebels or hyperactive, usually expressed in school and with / as friends / as. 
* They feel abandoned / as and if not told the reason for travel either from parents or one of them, tend to believe that they had some guilt. 
* There may also be episodes of depression or sadness very acute. 
* Children of immigrants living in a world of many contradictions between the image of dollars of goods that can be purchased with dollars and the absence of the father or the mother, and when they return there are a number of contradictions between love and affection and money, there is a relationship which, sometimes, kids blame abandonment. 
* Children live in a world of much imagination, are deeply rooted in their communities, but have the view that the success of the project life is abroad. 
* In adolescent males, usually there is a setback in his nature, who want to be kids again, returning to play, to make jokes of elementary school children and their normal development should be overcome, but pressure is such that expressed and not want to delay the stage of man. 
* In women, there are episodes of sadness, tearfulness, rebellion, concern be going through this stage without parents or lack of one. Lic . Raquel Ramirez Maria Kamm


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