What are the Causes of leukemia

Causes of leukemia

Although the cause of leukemia is not known exactly, it is known that there are several factors that can trigger the onset of this disease.

  • Genetic.
  • Immunodeficiencies.
  • Environmental factors.

Regarding the relationship of genetic factors in the development of leukemia, it is known that the disease is more common in twin than the rest of the population, suffer from genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome and Fanconi syndrome is a factor risk associated with the onset of leukemia.
People with weakened immune systems by administering chemotherapy or immunosuppressive drugs (which are provided to patients who have had an organ transplant) are also more likely to develop leukemia.
One of the most studied are the environmental factors , especially exposure to ionizing radiation, chemicals like benzene and certain drugs , and viruses .
The relationship between ionizing radiation and leukemia was discovered from nuclear accidents (explosions or nuclear incidents).
Various chemicals are also associated with the onset of the disease, especially some pesticides, and other substances such as mustard gas used in World War I.
Also, certain viruses are associated with the development of leukaemias, in particular the Epstein-Barr virus related or African Burkitt lymphomas in immuno compromised patients.


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