How to draft the event program. Steps and times

The event program is the rationale, the main reason which stakeholders will attend, in addition to meeting or reunion with his colleagues.
In the program or agenda of the event should be highlighted two fundamental ideas:

  • Content : It includes the technical aspects and how they will develop the meeting (what kind of event is, durations, number of speakers per activity, intersperse discussions with conferences.)
  • The agenda : Trying to include everything necessary to address each issue, and is selected by trained people with experience and knowledge about what to offer potential attendees.

There are different stages in the assembly of the agenda of activities from planning to the end of the event.
Depending on the theme of the event and its audience at the event, usually next to the accreditation of the attendees, the final program delivered by hand to each, on paper or other media.
As with a newspaper or magazine, if we send a printout of the program we set a closing time would be the time to design, edit and print makers who need these tasks and the press to do its job
The time is performed with each of the steps, will depend on how much longer until the day of the event.Depending on the scope, this can vary between two and three months, so it is very important to plan each step and set internal deadlines of work to tackle on one of them.
What are the next steps?

  • It builds a list of topics
  • It builds a list of potential speakers
  • We define the official language or if attending persons from countries with different language
  • Formats are chosen activities that are to be used (courses, workshops, conferences, round tables, etc.)
  • Define the number of classrooms and associated activities which have the event
  • Blocks are turning to the issues in the classroom and makes a first estimate the distribution schedule for rooms and times
  • Put the names of each session, trying to generate interest to the audience, whether at present, so controversial or otherwise.
  • If present, sets the deadline for applicants for volunteer speakers, often asking to send a summary of what we presented.
  • Establishing a regulation with instructions to follow for the submission of abstracts and a way to get them.
  • The organizing committee will begin to invite orally (in activities previously found, by telephone or personal emails) to potential participants (to go apalabrándolos).
  • They sent invitations in writing to all active participants in the event (special guests, speakers, moderators, etc..
  • It keeps track of the responses
  • It builds a Pre-program
  • Final Program is closed (and edit and send to print or process it in the format that will be given to attendees.

What information should not be allowed to include the Final Program?

  • Index
  • Site plan
  • General Information (city and general schedule of the event)
  • Timeline with activities
  • Social activities (where and when)
  • Other services provided at the event (wi fi, daily coffee service, etc.)
  • Name of the members of the Organizing Committee
  • Welcome Message
  • Previous events
  • Auspices
  • Agenda: schedules, names of participants and location of the talks
  • Administrative organization
  • Sponsors
  • Tourist Information (if any attendees from other cities or countries)
  • Alphabetical list of speakers

It sometimes happens that the event lasts many days and with a high participation of speakers participating in side events. This brings us to the final program size is very large and therefore heavy. If budget allows us, a solution is delivered with the long program accreditation by the smaller one, which may be called Pocket Program, which can be an A4 or A3 folded double sided and include more basic information necessary for participants can be handled along the event including schedules and plans.


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