What is the dollar?

The dollar is a currency that arises in North America, and today is widely used and accepted in the world.

The sign represents the dollar is “$”. The sign, come from the first Spanish coins used at the time of the independence of the United States.Since these coins were represented in the two Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar Strait representation, which is part of the coat of arms of Spain today), which were joined by a band as S. Thus, as the first notes printed in the United States, had this symbol, showing that they were supported by the Spanish currency, which was the hardest or greater value in the market at that time (late eighteenth and early nineteenth century). The dollar name comes from words used to name the coins minted many centuries ago, and the tolar in Bohemia or thaler in the old Hapsburg Empire.

Now closer to the birth of the United States, in Latin, was widely used Spanish silver coin, which was called the Spanish dollar (the height of the Spanish colonization in America). Finally, around the same time of the first colonies of European immigrants who settled in North America, was used a lot, the currency of Austria, which was the thaler. Thus, as in the years ahead of American emancipation, the independent given name dollar to its own currency. Of course, at present, at least in the U.S. dollar, the symbol “$” ceased to be used, by the USD. So, United States Dollar. Situation that took place in 1785.

Anyway, this currency (like the dollar to dry) is representative of various countries in the world.There are several that use it as currency. Of course, every country gives a hallmark of its own currency. Thus, as we have the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, dollar Bermuda Jamaican dollar, Hong Kong dollar, New Zealand dollar and of course, the U.S. dollar (noted above), which is the most famous of all existing dollars. This is due to the currency that is used throughout the global financial system. Almost all international business is conducted in securities represented by the dollar. Thus, as each of the exports in various countries, are paid by the dollar. Therefore, in the year 2004, over 700 billion dollars were circulating in the global financial system.

Even many domestic businesses are tariffed by reference to the dollar. Because usually, its relative value is considerably more stable than the currency in question.

The characteristic color of the U.S. dollar, is green. Situation nowadays widely known.


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