What is management?

As defined by the Royal Academy of Language, administration action or effect is to administer.The word administration, from the Latin, administrative.

For centuries, since civilizations arose, the effect or the activity of the administration, has been fundamental. Any organization as such, must have an administration. Therefore, is linked to a bureaucratic fact.

The administration may be related to the economic sphere. It is one of the most common activities of the administration. So it is that today, there are charges of administration and finance. Activity, constantly seeking balance between expenditures and revenues. This, to maintain the level of production and financial organization.Basically, that is profitable. At both organizations, for-profit or not. As the administration seeks in the long run, every organization is solvent.

But the administration is also applicable to other areas, away to the economic sphere.

Such as public administration, which is about the actions of the state (specifically to the executive).To the Royal Academy of Language, the civil service, has to do with the organization (executive) ordered the management of the services and the enforcement of laws in a particular policy area, regardless of the legislature and the judiciary .

We can also talk of the military administration, which is responsible, situations inherent military branches. Similarly, judicial administration and everything related to the various estates or courts.

By the same token, any organization, whether private or public, requires the administration thereof.Whether a purely economic or bureaucratic.


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