✓ What are investment programs high yield?

The acronym HYIP stands for “High Yield Investment Program” or Spanish program high yield investment . Commonly economic community has referred to this name to those types of HYIP High Yield Income Programs Investment Programs High Yieldinvestment that returned a superior interest to that provided the financial instruments standard, such as stocks, bonds or fixed term accounts.
These products were offered special thanks to the management of exclusive brokerage firms or institutions of private banking customers with greater purchasing power, seeking to obtain higher returns for their capital through aggressive investment strategies and often risky. The best example of this type of investment known hedge funds were sometimes incorporated in tax havens. Log in to this select club required a minimum outlay of a million dollars.
However, today the term HYIP has evolved and is used almost to define a type of investment, which previously aimed ie for high performance – have little to do with the old practices.
The new ” investment programs high yield “exploit technological advances such as the internet and deregulation in some offshore tax havens or jurisdictions, to market a specific type of product in some aspects. More than an investment, it is a general investment programaen offered online with the following features:
It offers high performance, typically from 0.5% to 200% per day.
You can participate initially very low amounts, from 1 to 20 USD.
The customer does not know what he invests his capital, beyond what is stated on the website.
The receipts and payments are made ​​through calls or e-currencies digital currency . Some of the best known are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money or Strict Pay.
Investment is not offered through brokers or agents of the stock market and the vast majority of programs do not have a licensed financial or investment fund. While some are registered in tax havens actually operate porfuera of law and multijurisdictional in a virtual environment.
What invests HYIP?
Most HYIP’s promoters say invest in the following sectors or products:
FOREX or FX market.
Commodities, raw materials or natural resources (oil, gas, precious metals, etc..).
Scarce products (food, luxury items, etc..).
Shares in companies developing sectors of the economy (nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.).

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