The Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter is an essential for those seeking to extricate the world of work, safe handling of these two instruments will already be a big step to build your professional credibility.
Here below a board orientation produced very useful information of Turin, as well as short explanations and models standard downloadable and usable.
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The Curriculum Vitae
The curriculim vitae is a brief description of himself: contains information on training, experience and skills of a person. A good CV has a maximum length of two pages in which you try to condense the most important news that you want to convey to the company in which it is presented as a candidate.
The selection or employer will not have much time to devote to your CV so it will be useful to briefly summarize all relevant information to that particular job! Then do not use the same standard curriculum for all occasions, but work with it from time to time based on what you can give to the company in terms of experience, knowledge and objectives: a study it will be possible in the interview.
As regards the structure of the CV does not exist a model universalemnte recognized.In the countries of the Mediterranean is the most popular model “Europass”, but in Germany and England is not widespread (and understood). Except for special requests then you should build your own Curriculum Vitae basic, short and not too structured, and therefore flexible and easy to customize for any occasion. Below are two main models. standard model Europass CV

Letter of introduction
The cover letter is a tool, attached to hp, allows a person to know and to give reasons for applying for a job. It has a recommended length of about a page and through concise paragraphs, sheds light on the candidate’s professional life, her personal situation and what led him to turn to a particular company.
Below is a description of what is the letter and how it was built “The companies claim to give the letter a big importance and most of the time that piece of paper is used as a means of pre-selection. From reading these few lines delivered to the company of your dreams, those who read it a feel of your profile, and decide whether to continue your application nell’iter the selection or not. E ‘for this reason that the words should be weighed and the result must appear synthetic comprehensive and fluid. This is not child’s play but nothing impossible, especially if you count that once you have created the perfect cover letter that can be stored and reused each time you send your CV! Beware though, you can not send the same motivational letter to justify your interest in a shopping center or a publishing house. Remember then to affix the necessary changes if you want to “recycle” the letter.before you remember what you really can not miss in the cover letter is good to define the task will roughly summarize the reasons that urge you to send your application exactly to that company and not a small thing, the reasons must be compelling. By reading this short presentation the breeder should have a more or less clear of the candidate’s skills as well as motivation, enthusiasm and availability. E ‘also particularly pleased that the young job seekers prove knowledge of the company, the areas within which it operates and the goals. The secret lies in the structure of letter that you have to compose three different sectors. introduction should be catchy and interesting, it is at this time that you are called to capture the reader’s attention. Your presentation should be succinct but comprehensive, remember that it is a harbinger of the curriculum . during closure proponiti for an interview, the next stage of selection.Concluded the letter you just have to attach it to your resume (make sure they are complementary of one o’clock) and send via email, by post or hand your application. If you choose to send e-mail remember to include the cover letter as an attachment, it will be easier to print it and read it. ” 


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