Ergonomic Tips for computer work

fundamentals ergonomics will help you increase your comfort at work and at home and maintain health.

What is ergonomics?

Greek: Ergo – work, Nomos – laws.
Ergonomics is multidisciplinary and includes many disciplines such as engineering, design, education, physiology, movement, posture, and more. The main aim is – to increase human productivity while reducing errors, increasing comfort and maintaining health – make the environment “friendly” to the user.
If you simplify it can be said that ergonomics is engaged in various connections between man and nature of life, and thus she calls the world of work – work sitting causes back problems, neck and more, a lot of work with a computer that has accompanied many problems and so on. never home – Location washing machine, height marble, What bed / chair elect and more. to school – H match between student chair and desk, backpack weight, physical operation of students and teachers and more. Basically every area of our lives is usually attached to ergonomics.
Ergonomic Tips for computer work
Prevention of pain in the shoulders: there sit in front of the computer screen so that both elbows on the table. Computer should be placed in a corner, a meeting between two tables or round corner table.Height is true of computer monitor
Prevention of neck pain: a computer screen is placed on the table so that the eyes look at the upper third of the screen. You can put a phone book or a stack of paper under the computer screen to raise it.
Prevention of low back pain:

  • Be sure that the feet shall be placed on the floor, hip angle between about 90 degrees to the market (knee).Sitting correctly at the computer
  • The chair to be adjustable so that it can accommodate user height in feet shall be placed on the floor.
  • Back of the chair should be at an angle of 110-90 degrees seat. If you have armrests arms preferably shall be toward so that it stays a 90 degree angle between the arm and her mother.
  • Have to sit on any seat without sliding backwards without bending forward. In case your feet reach the floor below probably pedestal (pedestal could be phonebook, photo paper pack, shoe box, etc.).
  • It is recommended to lower back support cushion reactive depression. You can use a rolled towel or other.

Protection of eyes:

  • Should work in the background bright and dark writing fluorescent avoid tired eyes.
  • Have to take a break every half hour or so. Put your hands cupped over the eyes and blinking in this mode, there is close your eyes and let them rest. Also have to look at a distant object in the room.
  • Lighting desired desktop – two small lamps that illuminate the screen on both sides. Better than fluorescent or halogen lighting reflected on the screen.
  • Type shelf paper has assumed the top with a special device that connects to the computer screen to avoid unnecessary bends the neck and extra effort in the eyes.

To allow proper blood flow:

  • The seat of the chair to end about 10 cm before the back of the knee.
  • Do not place feet on the wheels of the chair.
  • Require a distance of about 10 cm between the thighs and the bottom of the table.

Preventing infections wrist:

  • Desirable that the keyboard will be placed on the table in front of the computer screen
  • The palm of the hand to be later her mother, without deflecting sideways, up or down.
  • Fed should buy the mouse and keyboard silicone to prevent infections at the wrist.

Preventing Headaches : Headaches can be caused by location and / or height of the screen is not true, or due to vision problems. Vision testing is recommended once a year to prevent deterioration of vision.

Dr. Hadas palm – Head of the Lhn”g and movement in the College of Education, Lecturer in Ergonomics, fostering stability and movement. Movement ergonomics consultant for the high – tech.


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