How to make a curriculum vitae


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    The CV is the business vistita of an individual to report to the selections in the world of work.
    It should be written carefully and with great caution, in order to provide the breeder in detail the mini biography of the candidate.
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    The curriculum is the first approach, although paper, which takes place with the company owner, and a maximum of two pages, the applicant must explain in perfectly clear, the professional objective of the applicant while giving excellent synthetic capacity .
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    Although sometimes it is really hard to talk to us, in these cases it is not so, as we must not expose us as nature intended, but we simply understood as personal biography.
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    First, you need to be divided into blocks.
    During the first block to be inserted all the data of the candiato: name, surname, date and place of birth, residence address.
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    In the second you have to enter the training experience, that the studies carried out, starting from the middle school or diploma to a degree possible, with the final score.
    During the third block should be inserted instead of the professional experiences: descending need to enter all the work and the tasks up to that moment.
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    The fourth block must insert ourselves the knowledge of foreign languages: ie write the level and known language.
    the fifth group computer skills, and finally aspirations.
    Regarding the inclusion of photos, is a factor of all staff.
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    It ‘important to attract the interest of the breeder, for which the CV should be: simple, short, smooth, coincided staff, all nice and detailed.¬†Points are very important to follow in order to have a good resume!


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