How to do a Will

How to do a will ?

How to make a will?
How to make a will?
Making a will can seem complicated, but it is actually very simple. Notaries usually make available a format for people wills covering almost all needs. So we should just fill and submit the documents that we are asked (usually, only our photo ID).
Once the notary public to be drafted, we cite to sign and settle the fees.The notary takes the Notarial Archives.
At the same time, the announcement is made will, which is integrated into the database of the National Registry Testament warnings to be archived. Finally, it gives us a copy original.
What is the cost?
Varies according to the state. During the month of September are signed agreements for the collection of fees reduced, although some notaries respect this price throughout the year. In Mexico City, the agreed fee for the month of September was 1,500 pesos, but in states like Chihuahua is only 1,000 pesos.
For poor people, there is an agreement by which the fee is reduced to six days of minimum wage.
Types will
A will is an absolutely personal, revocable and free, in which a person has full authority and rights to his property after his death. There are several types of will.
1. Open Public Testament. It is the most common is made before a notary public, which is drafted by testator’s instructions by using the procedure earlier in this article. Usually does not require witnesses.
2. Closed Public Testament. This document may be written by the testator or by another person at the request of the testator. The will must be signed by the testator, the witnesses and the notary public, who also put his seal. Once closed and approved, will be delivered to the testator. The notary, however, should be noted in his book the place, time, day, month and year in which it was authorized, and will make the announcement.
3. Simplified Public Testament. It is one in which the same script acquisition of a building for housing is established who the heirs thereof.
4. Holographic will. Is it written in the handwriting of the testator.However, these wills do not produce legal effects unless they are deposited with the competent authority.
5. Private Testament. It is one that can be done if the testator suffers a serious illness that prevents you from doing other will or appear before the notary public. Only valid if the testator actually dies. Requires the presence of five witnesses to certify that the testator was in full possession of his mental faculties and free from any pressure or threat.
It is important to remember that by the will you can appoint a guardian to take care of our children if we get to miss. You can also designate an executor who will manage and deliver the goods to the will.


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