How do a will, step by step

Our will is the document where we inform our loved ones from our last will and how we want to have our property and rights when we’re gone, but beyond this is an invaluable tool for complications and long trials spare our family.
September is a month that conducive to do because being the month of the will, notaries offer discounts nationwide. Any person in full possession of his mental faculties and over 16 can do according to the Civil Code of the Federal District. You should review the law of the state in which you reside to determine if you’re old for your will.
Now what’s interesting, what steps to take to make a will?

  1. Reflect how we want our goods are distributed. No need to have an inventory of them, unless there is property or rights precise we want to pass on to specific individuals.
  2. Decide what type of will would like to do. The laws of each state provides various types of wills.We declare our will to the notary with or without witnesses (Will open public), can be delivered to the notary and written closed (closed public testament), or writing our own handwriting (holographic) but under the latter option is only valid if the testator deposited in the Notarial Archives, accompanied by two witnesses, according to the Federal Civil Code. Generally, it is best to make a will publicly open as above allows the notary will advise as to the validity of the terms or provisions you want to insert in your will. However, we recommend that you ask advice to the notary public on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of will for you to choose the one that suits you.
  3. Go to a notary to make a will or otherwise deposit on our own before the Notary Public File. In movies or TV often we find scenes where they get the will of a dusty box, but in most of the states of Mexico and the Federal District only wills that were granted before a notary public are valid ..
  4. Update your will if our life circumstances change. A will can be changed as often as required and the latest version is the prevailing registered.
  5. Express any of your heirs or someone you trust where and how they can locate your will.

Although we like to think anyone at the time that we should fail, and we must do everything in order to let our loved ones go through hassle free as possible and that our heritage is shared as we truly want.
This communication does not constitute legal advice and are only recommendations and summaries of provisions of the Civil Code for the Federal District. Each state in Mexico has its own laws of wills. We recommend you consult a lawyer or notary public before drafting your will to obtain the necessary legal advice. A will is a document full of formalities and there are many legal considerations on which you receive advice.
Neither MasterCard nor its affiliates, shareholders, subsidiaries, directors or employees are responsible for your decisions wills or the validity of wills to bestow.


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