Requested: Line Spacing for Memorandum and Minutes of a Meeting

TO: Faculty and Staff
FROM: John Green, Principal
DATE: Current Date
SUBJECT: Directions for Setting up a Memo
Memorandums (memos) are forms of written communication used by individuals within the
same business or organization to communicate with each other. It is best to use word processing
software to create a memorandum. Remember, unlike a letter, that you do not have a salutation
or complementary close in a memorandum.
The customary standard margins are used: 2” top margin, 1” side margins, and a least a 1”
bottom margin.
Headings begin at the left margin. Remember to follow each heading with a colon (:), and use
the tab key to make the information following the heading line up. After TO: tab twice to key
the name; after FROM: tab once or twice to key the name; after DATE: tab once or twice to
enter the date; after SUBJECT: tab once or twice to enter the subject (keyed in all caps or initial
cap). The sentences of the paragraphs in the memo are single spaced, and it is customary to use
word wrap. Single space within the paragraphs. Double space between the paragraphs, as well as
between the headings.
Before printing any memorandum, you should save your work. If you are not the person that
wrote the memo, you should include the typist initials a double space below the last paragraph of
the memo. When you are going to include or attach something to a memo, you should always
include an “Enclosure” or “Attachment” notation, at the left margin, a double space below the
message or the typist initials, if any.

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