Typical Uses of soursop as fruit

It is consumed as fruit or juice and is also used in the production of liqueurs and jams.Moreover, all parts of the guava plant are usable for different functions.
consumed as whole fruit or fruit salad is used as raw material for preparation of juice, ice cream, desserts and homemade cakes.
* Processed fruit
soursop pulp is marketed natural or frozen concentrate, nectar, jellies and purees. The fruit is prized for drinks, and juices producing countries exported industrial presentations or cans for final consumption. In Guatemala prepare carbonated juices packaged in bottles, Mexico exports canned guava with seed. Soursop pulp is packed in sealed plastic bags, metal drums and cartons. This exotic fruit is consumed mainly in fruits, besides preparing ice cream, smoothies and a variety of sweets and desserts. It is a good ingredient for fruit and vegetable salads plus varied gourmet dishes. It is used also for mixing with liquor. In Indonesia, the fruit is not ripe q is cooked as a vegetable and used in soups, and in Brazil guanaba in shell portions are roasted or fried.
is recommended for constipation and to increase intestinal flora, reduce hyperacidity.Soursop pulp digestive effects and is attributed to the ripe fruit juice diuretic properties, and is a remedy for hematuria, and euretritis.


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