The soursop can spread by seed or grafted trees.

The soursop can spread by seed or grafted trees.
To propagate by seed, the seed should come from the best fruit of the trees whose fruit producers and are of the highest quality.
Propagation by grafting involves the production of saplings patterns and yolks.
The buds of trees should be taken with very good production, both in quantity and quality. As an employer you can use any kind of custard in the area or the same soursop.
seeds of graviola
The highest percentages of engraftment, were obtained by grafting techniques of lateral plating and yolk.
After selecting the seed, washed and immersed in a solution of benomyl (Benlate, 1 g / l), heated to 50oC for fifteen minutes. Then they are left in the water for 24 hours.
At this stage it should remove the seeds that float, to get greater uniformity and seedling vigor.
The seedbed can be done directly in the soil or in boxes were germination soil which has previously been disinfected with Basamid (dazomet), or with a soil fumigant.
The grooves of the seedlings are plotted with 5 cm deep and 15 cm between them in the background is added 10-30-10 fertilizer formula which is then covered with a small amount of soil and the seeds are placed such that they are flattened and followed each other, then covered with a mixture of river sand and soil in equal parts.Germination occurs between twenty-five and thirty days.
When the seedlings have reached 10 to 15 cm in height should be transplanted, preferably in bags.
Seedlings are transplanted in polybags of 31 x 18 x 8 cm bellows filled with a substrate composed of soil, a rich source of organic matter is well decomposed and rice husks or sand.
The place chosen for the nursery must have irrigation and located in partial shade.
Eight days after transplantation should be fertilized with 10-30-10 fertilizer formula or any other formula high in phosphorus at 5 g / plant. It should also apply foliar trace elements.
It is necessary to perform periodic applications of insecticides and fungicides when necessary to maintain very healthy trees.
When the plants in the nursery are about 70 cm in height, can be transplanted to the final field, if reproduction is by seed, in the case of plant patterns, making the graft.
Between five and eight months of tree growth pattern in the nursery, the graft can be performed. The graft that works best in custard is the side plating. A month before grafting is advisable to fertilize the pattern with 5 grams of 10-30-10 formula.
The braces are to be selected young wood. The thickness thereof will depend on the thickness of the braces patrones.Las be prepared from ten to fifteen days before being used. To do this, the branch which will draw the braces is cut or end bud with leaves, but the petiole of the latter, in order to cause the accumulation of carbohydrates and to stimulate the development of axillary buds.
A grafted plants must be afforded constant watering and eliminate them outbreaks that occur in the pattern, which should be cut gradually from the top down to the level of the spike. Three or four months after grafting, are ready to be taken to the field.


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