Quality control must pass before being marketed soursop

The nectar, as all food for human consumption, should be prepared with maximum hygiene measures to ensure the quality and not endanger the health of those who consume it. So be drawn in good health, with ripe fruit, fresh, clean and free of toxic residues.
You can prepare fruit pulps concentrated or previously prepared or preserved, provided they meet the above requirements, it is also important to control all stages of production, for it must meet certain quality parameters. To make good control of the product, must make several physical and chemical analysis
a) determining the percentage of defective fruit: The method is based on visual inspection of a sample, either manually separating defective fruits then determine the percentage by the relationship between the weight of the fruit poor and the weight of the sample multiplied by one hundred.
b) DETERMINATION OF PERCENTAGE OF PERFORMANCE: The method determines the amount of juice that can be extracted from a given amount of fruit, the percentage is determined by the ratio of the weight of the juice obtained and the sample weight percent. This procedure is terminated once a homogenization process.
c) pH determination: The potentiometer measuring a degree of acidity of a sample by use of an electrode sensitive to the molar concentration of hydrogen ions present. The sample must be at 20 ° C.
d) determining the percentage of PULP: Based on the application of centrifugal force, for a fixed period, for the separation of solids, for the separation of soluble solids present in a sample, using the graduated conical tubes. The percentage is determined by the ratio between the amount of solids present and the amount of sample by one hundred. This procedure is performed after the homogenization of the product.
e) determination and regulation of Heartburn: Heartburn is the number of milligrams of sodium hydroxide required to neutralize the free acids present in a sample. The acidity is adjusted by adding citric acid, if desired nectars of pH 3.8 so that a sample nectar, citric acid is added and pre-weighed and with a pH meter controlling the pH of nectar.The acidity can be expressed in percentage of citric acid.
% citric acid = (CxNxmeq / sample weight) x 100
C: Volume of NaOH consumed (ml)
N: Normality of NaOH (0.25)
meq: Milequivalente citric acid (0.064 )
f) determination of soluble solids (° Brix): The method is to measure the percentage of solids by direct reading scale, using the refraction of light in a refractometer. The sample must be at 20 ° C,.
g) organoleptic test: Determine the organoleptic characteristics such as flavor, aroma and color through the senses. Sensory evaluation is performed of the product. For this is done by a questionnaire, sampling, tasting and evaluating results.
Likewise, the quality control process includes an inspection of the various workplaces, before packing the product, you have to conduct the necessary tests and a visual inspection.


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