The bedroom according to Feng Shui

The bedroom according to Feng Shui

The bedroom according to Feng ShuiThe bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, because he spent more time in and is the place where we recharge our energy to sleep. The bedroom is the place where we must protect key vibrations, so it is not advisable to let anyone enter.

The Bedroom according to Feng Shui

The qi must circulate slowly, excluding everything that conveys a sense of movement and agitation, as a door opposite the bed. The bedroom furniture according to Feng Shui may be lacking in edge. Will post pictures on the walls are not very large, that spread in light shades and relaxing atmosphere. In bedrooms where a window is placed at the door the qi will come out too fast, and if you have a desktop it can not turn away from the front door.
At the foot of the bed should not be anything that could upset the qi. In Chinese tradition, the shape of the bed can influence the marriage bed with rounded corners softens a difficult marriage, a round bed is not suitable for the rest, since the circle is synonymous with movement, a bed made up one large mattress unites the couple, while if you have two separates.
The orientation of the bed in the bedroom according to Feng Shui , will be decided according to the cardinal points, and has eight possible directions. some Taoist schools (Method of the Nine Stars, the eight inputs and the combination of the Bagua), advise sleeping with your head facing north, to receive the benefits of the North Star, one of the most powerful energy center of the universe : This address is considered tonic, while the southeast is dangerous.
The existence of beams spare bed or couch and the front door, table or stove, is, together with the edges and the projections, a very important factor: if you can not change everything around, hanging can be remedied beams of a mirror to cushion their presence, some chimes or bamboo rattles.


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