How To Make Homemade organic soap

Make homemade soap

hacer-jabon-ecologico-casero[1]To make a homemade organic soap must follow the instructions on the label of caustic soda, for although the formulation is the same (NaOH) can come a wealth differently in each bottle or can of soda, usually 99%. If you can buy soda unlabeled follow directions that we propose to make soap, and one way or another you can always add the flavor you prefer, lavender, vanilla flavor or seasoning that gives the soap a property as aloe vera (healing), calendula (spots on the skin), dead sea sand to give our exfoliating soap, rose hips, etc.. You can see on this website of Green Living how to get your own essential oil plants. (Use your browser)

How to make organic soap

To make organic soap , or at least all things green that is in our power, recycle used oil from the fryer or that we accumulate in the kitchen. We strain it to remove any lumps or decant blacks not to drag the impurities. If we wish to employ homemade soap ingredients we have at home or can be made ​​at home by incorporating elements of nature or of plants we grow at home, like aloe vera to give our homemade soap all the properties of the plant, lavender to give aroma, etc.
Based soap making : To make soap pads need 0.5 kg of soda, 3 liters of oil or fat, 3 liters of water. Preparation; Dissolve soda in water and mix until completely dissolved, we see that the water gets hot, the exothermic reaction is natural. When still hot oil mix everything together. Mix vigorously until no lumps at least 30 minutes. We introduce into molds and let harden for several days. Once the soap is hardened, wash it with water and cut in the case where it metiéramos a large mold.

como-hacer-jabon-casero[1]Recipe for making soap

Another recipe for homemade soap is that you are presented below. 3 parts need vegetable oil, 3 parts of water, 1/2 part of soda (NaOH).
Mix soda + cold water in a saucepan until it is completely dissolved.Add the oil gradually increasing the speed for at least 30 minutes. Add the fragrance, the essence or flavor that we want to give our soap and continue mixing until it is distinguished. Pour into molds and smoothing the surface with a knife. We let harden 4 -5 days, after which desmoldamos and let rest a few more days. We wrap in pastry so it will not spoil.
Another formula is the same procedure: 500 g of olive oil, aromatic oil 10 g, 70 g of sodium, 50 grams of aloe vera, 1/3 water.
Once you make your first first homemade organic soap, you will be unable to dispose of the used oil will taste new flavors. Enjoy it!


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