Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is an electronic device shaped cigar whose use is twofold without
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seeking smokers who quit ignoring choose vapear inhaling the numerous carcinogens in snuff, or smokers who do not wish to disturb enclosed spaces who is in their midst.
The electronic cigarette has three basic components, cartridge, atomizer and battery. The atomizer is the essential character of this electronic product because without inflammation is responsible for the production of smoke (water vapor). The battery gives the electronic cigarette a certain autonomy being loaded in the network, on a computer via USB connection or in the car. The cartridge or disposable mouthpiece of the device are contained within a fiber soaked with a substance with or without nicotine.

Electronic Cigarette

The ecig or electronic cigarette is activated by inhalation, either manually (push) automatically as inhaling, this action triggers the atomization of a substance that contains the cartridge and produces the vapor cloud that eventually takes the smoker. This is a plastic structure comprising a microelectronic circuit, a sensor, and two compartments, one for the battery and the other to the cartridge. The microprocessor activates an orange LED light to get the effect similar to smoking.
The sensation caused by the electronic cigarette is very similar to the effect of a conventional cigarette, so the ecig or electronic cigarette is a step further, a technological step towards modernity.
The nicotine content electronic cigarette can be null, because the device itself does not contain E-Liquid or spray substance, existing multiple levels from 24-0 mg of nicotine. Other components of this substance are, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine (OPTIONAL), distilled water, flavors and perfumes to choose from.
The nicotine level is determined by each user, and is used to mitigate the effects of withdrawal, is given by the load of each cartridge or the concentration of E-Liquid with that load.

Buy Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette Ecig or presented in various formats, models and presentations with more or less autonomy and quality. The device is an excellent tool to quit or reduce consumption of snuff, and it is an alternative to reduce harm to smokers and passive smokers in confined areas. The electronic cigarette is sold freely in Europe, Japan and the United States.


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