Ecotherapy against depression

Ecotherapy against depression

Whenever the number of psychologists who say that many types of depression including mood
disorders such as stress can be cured hugging a tree.Depression, stress, mood disorders, among
others relate to the alienation of man from nature, wild. The fact hug a tree puts direct patient contact with nature, feel the tree, touch, smell, sight and hearing, human senses of perception of the external makes us to communicate internally with him and we feel part of nature One day the man left behind.

Hug a Tree

Not just hug a tree, but other activities as close to the mountains, hiking, feel the plants and animals in freedom in a natural park. The latest craze in the Netherlands is to get workers to the
fields to share the natural environment and green grasslands along with the company of dairy cows. An indescribable peace …
Versus traditional treatments of modern medicine, the Ecotherapy give importance to the environment in which the patient is located, it is difficult for the first hour the person is not influenced by the environment, especially if a person is sick. Conventional treatments focus on inside the patient, either by drugs like Prozac, or relaxation techniques, meditation or psychoanalysis.
Experts Ecotherapy recommend to people who suffer from stress or depression that approach to nature, spend more time surrounded by trees, plants and wild animals, interacting with the air, water and living organisms in their habitat . A very effective therapy for which it is allowed to perform the activities in accordance with sunlight, so that it can dispense pile clock. If you are unable to work for reasons obvious always helps a light alarm clock that simulates light of dawn and dusk.
During weekends and holidays, especially if you have children to educate them to coexist with nature, you should spend time in contact with natural reality.


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