Ecological Creams Aka Organic Cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics

The ecological creams newest on the market already, creams that accompany the course of Nature exploit its properties while respecting the environment where raw materials are grown. Learn to develop ecological creams in this article from Green Living.
When you buy organic cream in any establishment whether specialized or not, you should care for your label, for all organic products that are labeled as such must meet and should be required for a number of certificates that ensure their ecological origin, ie plants, raw materials in the production of cosmetics must be grown under the conditions and requirements of organic farming and should never have been tested on animals. Similarly, in an organic cream may not have been incorporated any chemical additives.

Ecological Creams

Face creams . A very basic and natural cream that can make at home is the cream of Aloe Vera. Rare is the house that does not have an aloe plant, but surely few use this plant for not knowing how to harness its amazing properties. Pharmacy Buy Cream base and cut a thick sheet of Aloe Vera, (the plant must have at least two years so that their properties are at 100%). Peel away the foil and into a bowl inside the viscous mass, which put in a cloth or sock. Press with a stick by way of screw to remove all liquid from the mass. Mix with cream until creamy based uniform and have your first homemade cream to the face.
Wrinkle cream . Ecological wrinkle creams are easy to find today thanks to consumer awareness regarding the respect of the environment. You can buy wrinkle cream natural or prepare a homemade wrinkle mask, for this you need an apple, a little honey and finely chopped sage. Spend the apple in blender with a little honey and sage and let the resulting mass extended for fifteen minutes on a clean face and washed prior to get best results.
To fight wrinkles can wash the face daily with water they were boiled chervil leaves (a handful per liter of water).This is the choice of the celebrated Ninon de Lenclos who, at eighty, still evokes strong passions in his admirers.


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