what is Emotional Ecology

Emotional Ecology

ecologia-emocional-300x225[1]The emotional ecology is the art of transforming emotions positively. With it you learn to channel the energy avoiding contamination of our emotions and its horrible consequences. With emotional ecology works inside and this is reflected on the outside, being participants in a positive contribution to the beings around him.

Emotional Ecology

With the emotional ecology are able to transform our emotions and convert for use in our personal and spiritual growth, and as a result of a positive fulfillment you get a dramatic improvement in relations with others and the contribution from our person, our particular grain sand, to society, to our infinite possibilities within secure and fight for a better world.
The emotional ecology is a philosophy of life that allows us to complete ourselves through positive feelings away criticism, flasedad, personal masks, insecurity, low self esteem, vulnerability. Knowing how to manage our emotions allows us to use them to transform them into positive values, and how are they the means by which we can get to be better.


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