Seaweed in our diet

Seaweed in our diet

Edible Algae are an environmentally friendly product that has expanded enormously in recent years throughout the West. Motivated by the Japanese culture and the benefits of this type of food, it is now much easier to find this type of algae in many shops, particularly those specializing in organic food. A phenomenon in turn raised mostly by the rapid spread of person to person, encouraged by the experience of acquaintances that have been tested for their meals, either as a main element in our diet characteristics to simply decorate your dishes with a original food and fun.
The most famous by far is the Nori seaweed , known for its use in the popular cone cooked Japanese rice balls wrapped in this alga. It is also used in sushi, giving them a very healthy touch to these dishes that already are full of benefits for our diet. The Nori alone has many proteins and vitamins and is very accessible in most cities today. You may even slightly toasted, taking that added crunch that we like as a snack. Being a household product we can innovate with it, making our sushi especially knowing that we are consuming a product beneficial to the body.
Seeking a more direct benefit can turn to other like hiziki or Dulse , the latter being proviniente and North Atlantic. For hiziki we attribute the large amount of iron and calcium has to be excellent as a supplement to a balanced diet in young children, even more so if they are reluctant to consume milk. For the portion of Dulse is also rich in iron , often being used as an additive for low iron levels in blood. Both are very easy to cook and fit perfectly in many dishes, particularly salads.
They are just a small sample of the enormous potential of algae estaas now at our table. A little we discover its properties interemos crowd of fans with them and can share from recipes of different types to small tips that amaze our guests. This food can cleanse the body of all saturated fats as imposed s today, allowing us to improve our diet by supplementing with products as healthy as rice or vegetables.


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