Organic bread

It is a bread without chemicals or toxic, very far from the reality of our bakeries closer to home because, with wheat bread that is made with chemical inputs occurs to cropland to improve productivity and product chemicals to prevent pests. At the end of the life of wheat or cereals that are made with bread, has received a lot of chemicals that eventually can affect the health of consumers.
We are increasingly aware of the chemicals contained in our food, and this may be the cause (albeit involuntary) which these days is consumed less bread than forty years ago. The bread feel worse due to the substitution of the sourdough yeast fermented by yeast industry.
It’s worth looking at our city a green store to buy bread without toxic chemicals or because they contain more nutrients and better for our health. We speak of flour produced under the name of organic farming, certified productions.
The organic bread is made ​​with organic flours, water and salt, and the fermentation of flour made ​​from organic sourdoughs. During processing, the organic bread undergoes a physical phenomenon metabolism and fluffing the flour dough. In non-organic industrial processes, this swelling occurs but not metabolized with flour, and this is the reason that our stomach can not absorb nutrients.
Indeed, many of the breads are incorporating a bactericidal substance anti-mold effect. As a further active substance when bactericide and take this bread, this impairs bactericidal our intestinal flora, since they are also bacteria.
Another reason is that consuming organic bread made with yeast bodies aim to produce industrial gas fluffy. These bacteria responsible for bulking, are those that produce gas and remain active once we’ve eaten this bread, so that gives us a feeling of fullness in the stomach.
The bread made with organic flour and fermented with mass natural mothers, is not fattening, it produces gases and allows the assimilation of all nutrients containing cereals.
Nevertheless, it would we set ourselves exclusively on whether the bread is made with organic flour, but also must ensure the bactericidal substance addiction not, nor industrial yeasts. Just inform us at our store guarantees ecological or natural settlement.


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