Grown in the balcony

Grown in the balcony

I have wanted to write about the edible balconies , it is a very simple and practical ecological satisfactory.You are full of excited to see how they grow some tomato plants, flowers bloom and eventually become green tomatoes to ripen, besides considering that our products have no balcony plant chemicals, so we can label the way home as “product 100 % of the Garcia’s house. ” And what about the children take away the idea that the peppers out of the super.
We can grow in our balcony numerous species of edible plants, adding to this list wide range of herbs such as basil, dill, mint, parsley and rosemary.
Besides surtirte in cooking vegetables and aromatic silver, green balcony you will have a very
attractive and have secured conversation with friends when you visit. It is easy to grow in the balcony tomato, peppers, strawberries, green beans, lima beans, aloe vera, all kinds of lettuce …

Balcones edible

End of edible balconies not aimed towards family savings, as there is stop using tomatoes from the supermarket, in the absence of a garden large enough to feed the family, but what I get is the satisfaction consuming products “yours”, the purpose is educational even therapeutic.
Another practice is simple and if you space on the balcony or terrace is to make your own compost, you can mix in chopped egg carton, organic remains of food, some initial land to carry soil decomposing microorganisms. You will have an exceptional land, free and nutritious for your plants.


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