Emotional properties of minerals

Emotional properties of minerals

Minerals have become one of the most used by therapists worldwide . The effect they have on people continues to create many skeptical about its benefits, which are inca peace to explain exactly why you have these results: generates no tangible changes to the naked eye, are not consumed or burned or physically altered. What is certain is that their presence creates positive thoughts in those who use them , with spectacular benefits as property goes into each type of mineral transmitted to the wearer. Fundamental properties in moments of emotional weakness, raising them inside just feel that we are close.
Over time they have made ​​classifications of minerals depending on the energy they bring. The lapis gives us confidence in ourselves, allowing us confront past mistakes and focus on this now. By the amber found the enormous strength that gives us , fed by its bright red so common decorative necklaces and bracelets.Other common as amethyst give us peace and quiet, fundamental to our current lifestyle that requires us to find in top form derrumbarnos not by stress and worry.
Critics of this type of complementary therapy effects allude to classical mysticism surrounded by the expulsion of negative energies attributed to turquoise or help you provide the smoky quartz to keep us in reality.The reality is that if we move away from this kind of effects we find that people actually give a value to minerals, serving to overcome serious problems such as depression or anxiety to serve as our lifeguards in difficult times.Regardless of the beliefs that we have the benefit of the person should leave alone, and minerals that are great tools.
Therefore this type of emotional properties are common today, with many people who have their particular mineral that gives them the energy dose they need to move on. The sheer beauty that transmit also give us the opportunity to admire, carrying them in bracelets or small trinkets strung having them handy. A great way to bring a piece of nature to us, without saturation own manufactured products, as well as provide enough strength to our mind.

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