Electromagnetic Pollution


For many years scientists discuss the implications of electromagnetic pollution, but there is no general consensus on them. However, every time we get more advice about the danger they cause electromagnetic waves on Environment, surpassing even the smoke pollution from cars, factories and power plants.
Mankind has never been exposed to electromagnetic pollution as strong as today, and the upward trend, with the radiation emitted by mobile phones (phones or terminals) and the new generation of wireless phones with the most widely put into question.

Electromagnetic Pollution

Animals also suffer damage from electropollution . It’s impressive study by András Varga (University of Heidelberg, Germany) with dramatic results: Dr. Varga placed in an incubator chicken eggs, in a first time without the effects of electromagnetic pollution and a second under the effects of radiation mobile phones. The result was striking: all chicken embryos die at an intensity below the allowable limit, and even 1/3 of the intensity are substantial and irreparable damage: malformations in the legs, in spikes or eyes of chicks.
Indeed, man is not as sensitive to radiation of electromagnetic waves such as animals, but nevertheless, long-term and long exposures are shown to cause headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, sleeplessness, depression, nervisismo, allergies, asthma, neurodermatitis, immunodeficiency, infertility, lack of libido, abnormal red blood cells, digestive discomfort.
The wide range of these nuisances to human health due to electromagnetic pollution that affects firsthand the vital energy (Chi). A growing body of scientific studies showing the dangers, some of them have been performed with diagnostic devices in alternative medicine, for example, waves of mobile phone antennas reduce the level of energy in the acupuncture meridians between 20-40%.

Dangers of mobile phone masts

peligros-antenas-de-telefonia-movil[1]We may suffer a reduction of one third of the vital energy with only a 3 minute conversation with mobile phone or work of seven minutes before the computer screen. But not all people react the same way, there are people who feel fatigued and weakened, yet others are affected by nervousness and restlessness. They react to electromagnetic pollution with a hyperactive stress. What all humans share the presence of electropollution body is weak, leading to a sharp drop in our energy level.
The negative influence of a single exposure to electromagnetic disturbances in the energy system can be compensated by a healthy person, this can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours.However, if exposure occurs daily and for a prolonged period, the power system can be weakened permanently.
Studies in Germany, we teach remedies that reduce the effects of electropollution for our energy system, and can be used easily in different life situations. There are already many products, for example, adhesives for mobile phones, which are used as pendants harmonizers space. The effects are amazing, many people have been able to return to sleep at night of a stroke, children have become less unruly and other people feel more relaxed in the workplace or at home.


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