Choose where to build a house

Choose where to build a green home

elegir-un-lugar-para-construir-una-casa[1]A mid-fifteenth century, Leon Battista Alberti, author of De re aedificatoria, considered a perfect green home manual, wrote: ” Take your horse blanket in good weather and go to sleep to where you want to build your house , so you’ll know if the afternoon breezes or winds blowing morning in a special way . ”
Moreover, ancient philosophies such as Feng Shui and ace-Ka-So teach us the importance of choosing a good place to build a house, the environment, the location and the relationship with the man who will live in the place.

Choose where to build a house

To choose where to build the house, it is important to choose a healthy soil and a perfect location to meet all the requirements to be met by a dwelling. We must identify potential sources of pollution, such as proximity to a factory, toxic groundwater, an incinerator or a landfill cover. Avoid as far as possible, busy roads, to avoid constant noises, noxious gases and uncomfortable vibrations that ultimately harm our health.
If it’s in our hand, we can perform an analysis to establish the geological composition of the soil, infiltration capacity in the event of high rainfall, permeability natural electromagnetic field, the existence of streams in the basement, just as faults, cavities natural.
Avoid build our house in a proximity of a power plant and power lines, television repeaters, mobile, causing electromagnetic pollution.


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