Artichoke properties

The Artichoke ( Cynara scolymus L. ) is beneficial to the liver, and lowers cholesterol. The wild species is native to Ethiopia and later spread to the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and Egypt, Italy, France and Spain, generating 80% of world production. The species breeds in domestic gardens in temperate regions worldwide.
Artichoke Properties
In its leaves are concentrated active principles responsible for its important therapeutic properties. The cinarin, one of the most important active substances of the artichoke, it helps to support liveralcachofa-propiedades-300x195[1] function and assists in proper cleansing and protection. It is also diuretic, digestive and promotes the normalization of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood.
A curiosity of the artichoke is considered año145 in the boiling liquid from artichoke leaves as an aphrodisiac drink, and until the eighteenth century was used as an elixir of youth, but have not been able to demonstrate these virtues today.


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