Medications for travel

After evaluating whether or not to rely on a ‘ health insurance private during the trip is well
sulphur springs cure arthritisprepared with attention to your own small first aid kit to take on holiday, it is important that
drugs are stored in their original boxes with leaflets, which can be very useful in case of doubts on the use or indications of a medicinal product.
It would then be important to avoid, as far as possible, thermal shock to medicines, especially prolonged exposure to high temperatures typical of luggage to the sun.

  • Drugs for the treatment of motion sickness, ie nausea related to the means of transportation (car sickness, air sickness, seasickness); you can choose different forms of administration of free sale in pharmacies able to meet the needs of all (chewing gum, swallowing tablets, patches, bracelets, suppositories).
  • Antipyretic, ie medication for fever (all have at home of Tachipirina or an equivalent thereof based on paracetamol ). It may be useful to recall the synonym acetaminophen, widely used abroad.
  • An anti-inflammatory for oral use, better if already used in the past in order to know and dose response of your body, useful forheadache , toothache, back pain, …
  • Drugs linked to indigestion (heartburn, indigestion and heaviness, swelling, …)
  • Depending on the destination can be useful insect repellent and a product to be applied in case of puncture.
  • Sunscreens and treatment for minor burns.
  • Refreshing eye drops and / or decongestants, maybe cream.
  • Disinfectant wipes, sterile gauze and bandages for minor injuries.
  • Lactic ferments (better if stable at room temperature) to prevent dysentery and products for the acute treatment can block the episode of diarrhea.
  • Evaluate with your doctor a broad-spectrum antibiotic for infections.
  • Possible mild laxative.
  • Antihistamine for contact allergies, food, … Consider with your doctor whether any of cortisone also lead to more severe episodes.
  • Thermometer.

Last, but not least, each bound drug to particular problems of a personal nature, for chronic use or not.
What do you say we forget something?

Scientific review and correction by Dr. Guido Distemper (pharmacist)

The information contained in this article should in no way replace the doctor-patient relationship, it is recommended as opposed to seek the advice of your doctor before you implement any advice or direction given.


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