Health insurance for travel abroad

The trip is booked for months, luggage ready for days, Fido is Fufi by his grandmother and his
aunt … all of a sudden a doubt assails you:if you catch me swine flu and I did not healing it properly ? If I get hurt in this fantastic and exclusive island lost in the ocean? Yet the cousin’s brother’s butcher told me about health insurance for the duration of the trip …
You have invested your life savings for the next trip to the U.S., then your hairdresser 3 days before departure tells you about how trivial cost a leg cast to her friend, who only months before had been just in the United States , “Look at the United States, health care is dear! You absolutely have health insurance before you leave! ”

Private health insurance for travel: a necessity?

Returning to talk seriously the answer is no, it is not absolutely necessary to pay for health insurance before leaving for any trip, however there are some situations, more than anything else some destinations, where the choice of an insurance policy could be the solution best, ignoring all other insurance coverage offered by insurance companies in the travel packages (cancellation, lost luggage, damage to the property of residence during the absence, …) we focus on the medical insurance.
By going to a country belonging to the European Union, Switzerland, the European Economic Area the health card (also referred to as the European Health Insurance Card) is usually sufficient to obtain health care at the nationals resident in the country in question, then at no cost until further partnerships spending (ticket) provided in some states. The speech is similar to the countries in which it has been entered into a bilateral agreement with the Italian government, for a comprehensive list updated and check the website of the Ministry of Health .
Going in different countries (for example, is emblematic case of the United States, where rates for health care are actually higher) or want to still be able to rely on private insurance, you can contact one of the many companies that offer custom packages on the basis of the person making the trip, duration, destination, …

What to look for health insurance for foreign countries?

In general, this type of insurance may cover some or all of the following costs:

  • medical care,
  • hospital transport,
  • medicines,
  • surgery,
  • hospital expenses, general and
  • the extension of the stay (if necessary),
  • return (even early) and the transport of the insured, both outward and return of a family member.

Having said that you should pay close attention to:

  1. Services covered by insurance.
  2. Ceilings guaranteed, that the expenditure ceiling covered by health insurance.
  3. Any excess , ie the part that remains in the patient.
  4. Any injuries not covered by insurance (such as mental illness and chronic diseases, diseases caused by the use of drugs or alcohol, any type of dangerous sport and natural disasters, …)
  5. Inquire if the coverage from the right to direct payment or reimbursement (in the case of expensive emergency operations may be a fundamental difference), then the difference is not paying anything or anticipate the money and then claim a refund.
  6. Any guarantee of return, ie whether it is the patient to decide when it is necessary to return to Italy, or if the choice is up to the doctor abroad.
  7. Affiliated to the country of destination.
  8. Be aware of the procedure to be followed in case of need.

Deepen health insurance for travel

The fairly high cost and the need for constant control and good led many people to sign a ‘ health insurance that covers medical expenses and health expected and unexpected that you may suffer.
Among the many policies available there are specific steps to provide insurance coverage during a trip. For those who love to travel, and is found to make several significant shifts during the year, the signing of a travel health insurance policy becomes virtually mandatory besides recommended and useful.
People to travel, especially abroad, involves various risks and take out a health insurance policy specification allows to cover the costs of medical treatment in case of accident or sudden illness, as well as protect about the increasingly frequent setbacks with regard to the same movement and transport luggage. The travel health insurance provides coverage, even abroad, and reimbursement of all expenses for health benefits, such as simple drugs and medications specific to accident or illness incurred during the trip and stay in the resort.
In the proposed policy are considered different variants based on the country, city, destination-specific travel, some destinations are in fact considered to be more dangerous or more exposed to risk and therefore insurance companies for the cost of the latter retain a higher premium. Going to health insurance travel insured are offered many collateral, such as that of a full reimbursement of expenses in case of cancellation of the trip or as regards the transport tickets airplane or train them to be.
There is also the possibility of extending the guarantee of civil liability for such coverage for any damages that you may provide to a third party, whether at foreign and during the course of the trip. The liability policy can also add coverage for any legal costs related to its protection for damages to third parties.
You can then see how in health insurance for travel abroad opportunities for protection and fields of application are different, and therefore also the cost of the premium will increase the greater the coverage offered, for example, the prize will grow if in the policy including protection for sports, even more so if extreme, which will take place at the end of the journey. Cases and further details of warranty are also those aimed to cover unexpected early returns due to health problems or even cause and catastrophic events such as natural disasters.
The travel health insurance appears to be a particular field of health insurance, which is almost always proposed, if not mandated, by travel companies to their customers, to live peacefully opportunity for fun and entertainment. The basis of this type of policy is the basis of health insurance which we all now usufruiamo to get a refund on health care costs and any specialist visits; coverage today is very effective and is offered by the insurance companies more and more often to the entire household of the insured.

Scientific review and correction by Dr. Guido Distemper (pharmacist)

The information contained in this article should in no way replace the doctor-patient relationship, it is recommended as opposed to seek the advice of your doctor before you implement any advice or direction given.


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