What is color therapy

Chromotherapy is a method of harmonization and aid natural healing of certain diseases through the colors. The colors correspond to vibrations that have speeds, wave lengths and different rhythms. These exert a physical, mental and emotional that we are not generally aware and allows our vital energy to have a state that facilitates self-healing.
Chromotherapy and heliotherapy (therapy through sunlight) were very important in the practice of traditional medicine of the great cultures such as China, India and Greece.
Certain colors are astringent like red, orange or yellow. Blue helps extroversion, while red allows introversion. Certain colors like red and orange make up the temperature of a room, are called warm colors. Others on the contrary as blue, indigo and gray are cool colors.
liver stimulant and blood circulation. Help bronchitis, impotence and rheumatism.
stimulates the spirit of short-term tests
Color antifatiga, stimulates the respiratory system and helps the binding of calcium.
Favorisa good body-spirit, optimism increases, sexual tonic.
energizes the digestive system and tone the muscles
stimulates the intellect, antifatiga mental antimelancolia
Detoxification. Stimulates bone. Stimulates vitality in chronic unrest.
stimulates concentration.
Color sedative, Rests and strengthens the view. Tempera sexuel.Disminuye arousal blood pressure. Improved ulcers
Relieves insomnia. Soothes nervousness and anger. “Change” ideas.
Antifiebre. Antiseptic and astringent. Refreshing. Help in asthma, the excess weight. Cellulite.
Fights selfishness. Effect of peace and tranquility. The blue “open” mind.
has good effects on the following cases: sciatica, epilepsy, contractures and anemias.
Decreases anxiety, phobias and fear. Eliminates the rage and violence.
Treatment of frigidity, vasodilator
Color hypnotic.
Vasoconstrictor. Stimulating the kidneys. Increases in blood pressure.
Color sensuality. Controls the sadness.

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