As eliminating foot fungus

Below we offer an excellent and natural home remedy for eliminating foot fungus , is a simple treatment with which you can remove those annoying and unwanted fungus from your feet.
The home remedy is based on honey and salt, these are the main ingredients to prepare the remedy and should apply until you heal from fungi and no longer listed.
Honey for foot fungus
The ” athlete’s foot “is a fungus that experienced by people who do a lot of sport, or the guys who use sneakers all day. Produce itching and redness very annoying. And spread in gyms, swimming pools … hence the name.
Luckily there are some natural remedies to eliminate toenail fungus . Here are the ingredients are all readily available.
– Water
– A handful of salt
– Honey
As eliminating foot fungus
Dissolve the salt in water to previous baths. Honey is without preparation.
Being 8 or 10 minutes with your feet in the water. Then dried and fingers smeared with honey and joints (especially with nails), because where there is no honey fungus or bacteria. Honey is excellent for removing foot fungus . Sold foot with gauze, put a sock, and sleeps with him all night.
Remember that eliminating foot fungus is something that you must do every day, not just once, do it on a regular basis and at the same time if possible, so that this natural treatment for yeast to be effective.
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