How to remove the hiccups in adults

Hiccups are very common in children and adults, more than ever we have suffered a bout of hiccups that really is annoying, but there is one effective remedy to remove the hiccups .And that’s what this article in an effective non-drug, all 100% natural.

Sugar with vinegar to remove the hiccups in adults
to disappear these involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, which may turn out to be uncomfortable we have these two ingredients on hand.
This is a simple remedy, used for both adults and children, not unpleasant, and it works.
– 1 teaspoon or 1 cube of sugar
– A few drops of vinegar
Pour the vinegar sugar droplets.
put it under your tongue and let it unravel.
So easy, so you know when you have hiccups, and just make sure that they remove that annoying hiccups.
Now you know how to remove the hiccups in adults , I hope they serve when they give these hiccups.

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