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Insomnia is a common sleep disorder worldwide, more than ever we suffered from insomnia and know how frustrating it is to want to sleep and could not.But there are many people who suffer this night after night, and that is why we decided to offer this natural remedy to eliminate insomnia .
For insomnia can make: Cooking of lemon peel and orange face sleep problems, such as those caused by pollen taken in excess or before going to sleep, nothing like this brew.
Ingredients– Lemon peel
– Orange Peel
– Water
Boil the peels in water for about 10 minutes.
I assure you that with this natural medicine you take your insomnia tonight, and tomorrow we’ll try it to see if you kite worked or not.
Now you know if you have insomnia and want to remove it, just go to the kitchen and prepare this recipe and before long you can sleep peacefully, but I recommend doing better about 2 hours before bedtime so that when you go to bed already be quieter and relaxed.
If you want more insomnia remedies to remove read more articles in Botica Homemade, I assure you that more than any interest you.

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