Remedy for hypertension (Natural Treatment)

Hypertension is a very serious and you should take care so much, especially in the daily diet, here in Homemade Botica we care about your health so we provide a natural treatment for hypertension .
This treatment is based on cosumir celery, this plant is readily available in markets or shops vegetables. So you can easily prepare the natural remedy for hypertension . Read on and discover how to prepare it.

Celery good for hypertension

Celery is native to the coasts of Europe, it is said to be an aphrodisiac and Hippocrates

recommended its use for “nervous wreck” To use it as therapy, is very versatile. Takes advantage of celery from seed, root, stem, leaves and essential oils, that is all.
One of the contraindications is not to be consumed in large quantities during pregnancy.
Celery Applications:
It is diuretic so it helps in hypertension because it is rich in potassium, dilates renal vessels, increases the amount of urine and calms the nervous system. Increases the excretion of uric acid.
How to Use:
You can use seeds infusions or liquefy the stem with leaves, roots and seeds, then take this infusion.
This liquid is to be taken at least once a week and will help you if you have high blood pressure problems, so do it regularly, but not overly so.
Actually celery is excellent for lowering hypertension , I recommend them. If this information has helped you we ask that you recommend us to your friends.

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