Relieving Cream Homemade Acne

If you have acne is sure to want to eliminate those pimples permanently, but you must use an acne cream that is effective and not some only damage the skin.
Therefore we will recommend a homemade cream to relieve acne also will serve to make your face look healthy and radiant.
The anti acne cream is based on natural products like naranje and yogurt, which are a natural medication for acne . Read on and discover how to prepare this creama.
Homemade cream of orange peel
Acne concern to the vast majority of teenagers. This simple remedy can reduce its effects.
The skin of 1 orange
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
2 tablespoons oatmeal
Mix the orange peel, previously grazed, natural yogurt and oatmeal, until a creamy texture.
Apply 2 times a week, she said, but it can be used daily.
If you know you have acne cream used to remove acne and pimples, is easy to prepare, so you have no excuse not to. If you do return to this article and share your experience, either good or bad, but it is vitally important that others know if this cream removes acne .

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