Juice to relieve Colitis – apple and carrot juice for Colitis

Colitis or irritable bowel syndrome is an inflammation of colon that occurs for various reasons, but luckily there are home remedies for irritable bowel , and now we recommend Botica excellent Homemade juice will help relieve colitis .
This is an apple and carrot juice, is rich and alleviates irritable colon , so I recommend you take it every week with moderation, and carrot juice mananza is tonic and diuretic, mild laxative and a natural and effective in treatment of colitis. To aid in cases of stomach bloating, constipation and obesity.
This juice acts as the regulatory environment of the intestinal functions and then give the recipe:
Ingredients : 
– 1 cup apple juice
– 1/2 cup chopped carrot
Prepararción :
Blend the ingredients well until the lumps disappear. Strain and drink immediately.
Directions to take the juice relieves colitis :
– Drink a glass in the morning, once a week. Consuming bran or drink the juice of one lemon in a glass of hot water fasting to hasten digestion.

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