How to remove warts on the hands or neck

If you have warts on your hands, neck or any other part of your body you can use a plant to remove warts easily . In Botica Homemade recommend the following remedy.
Remember that if this remedy to remove warts does not work go immediately to a doctor you trust, many people find this remedy has worked. So read on.
To remove warts will use a plant called Celandine, especilmente use the:
Latex celandine
Celandine is a plant that kills warts. Can be found in damp places.
Origin: Europe. 
perennial herbaceous plant.
Leaves: petiolate, pinnate, rounded edges.
Flowers: small, arranged in umbels very lax.
Flowering: from May.
gloves desirable to start the aerial parts
A few stems of celandine
Cut the stem of the plant and use the yellow liquid comes out.
Put a plaster over the area of the wart with a hole that makes it the only area of exposed skin.Then we drop celandine fluid that will slowly burning. Repeat cure for several days.
You see a remedy is easy to make, not many ingredients you need to do, the only drawback is to plant as many countries is difficult to achieve. But if you can not try another plant remedy for removing warts can see them in the related articles, below this article.

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